Wow! For those of you expecting a slick heist show along the lines of The Italian Job, where everyone spouts witty one-liners and struts around like a peacock to the thumping bass of a techno dance beat... this isnt it. This is more like

Reservoir Dogs  without the humor. But seriously, didnt you just know everything was going to go wrong from the moment Nick caved and let his crew deviate from the plan by swiping the bags full of Chinese mob money? In fact, after that, Im not sure anything went right! The mob orders a hit on the thieves, Nick cuts his dope-fiend accomplice loose, then his wife makes an early departure from the series after a car accident... the only silver lining to all this tragedy is perhaps a budding relationship between Nick and his stepdaughter  that is, if she can get over the fact that she watched him shoot a man on their patio. And why couldnt he just die, the poor bastard! I mean, I like my shows dark and disturbing and thought provoking, but watching that guy gasping for breath and crawling like a dog before being put down like Old Yeller, the only thought that provoked my mind was, Damn! But thats FX. If you want to see crime pay without any of the payback, stick with NBCs Heist. Dan Roberts