Chandler Riggs was not exaggerating: he has no idea who died in The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale even though he was there, because the death wasn't shot.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead's executive producer/Season 6 finale director/makeup guru Greg Nicotero was cagey about almost everything related to the future of the show. He answered "I don't know" to questions about whether Negan's victim will return at all, Maggie's health, what's the deal with Morgan's body-armored new friends, and how closely the seventh season will follow the "All Out War" arc from the comics, but he did confirm one almost unbelievable thing: The finale death hasn't been filmed yet.

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When asked by The Hollywood Reporter's Lesley Goldberg what he could say about who was killed off, Nicotero said, "We have not filmed it yet and I don't know if the person knows yet or not."

This death is such a big secret that not only is the creative team behind The Walking Dead willing to recreate the precise logistical conditions of the last scene of Season 6, they may even be keeping it a secret from the person most affected by the to-be-revealed death.

Nicotero also confirmed that he'll be directing the Season 7 premiere, whose shoot is "coming up quickly," so that death will be shot soon enough.