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The Unicorn's Emotional Thanksgiving Episode Will Reveal a Lot More About Jill

It's a real turning point for the show

Kaitlin Thomas

It's Thanksgiving on Thursday's episode of The Unicorn, titled "Turkeys and Traditions," and although it is not the first major holiday Wade (Walton Goggins) and the girls are spending without Jill, her absence still casts a long shadow. In order to counteract this and reclaim some sense of normalcy in their lives, they decide to host a traditional Thanksgiving feast on their own for the first time, inviting all their friends and even Jill's sister, Allison, played by guest star Annie Mumolo, for the big day. But with tensions running high and so many people to please, things quickly get out of hand.

Through it all, Wade is just trying to keep his head above water without the one person who used to make everything run smoothly. And the episode works hard to put into perspective the effect Jill had on everyone's lives, and therefore the loss they now feel without her.

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"[Thanksgiving] even in the best of times can still be dysfunctional. It can conjure up a lot of things for a lot of different people, both very positive things and negative things, really good feelings and feelings of sadness," said Walton Goggins during a conversation with a small group of reporters at a recent press event. "This is the first [episode] where everybody is going through their own version of missing [Jill] in their lives and what that really means."

"This is the first time I realized, as an actor ... how hard [Jill's] death was for [the rest of the characters] as well," said Rob Corddry, who plays Wade's best friend, Forrest. "I knew that intellectually, but I realized that we lost her too. ... It's like we lost a sister."

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Although everyone is dealing with their own special brand of drama this week, the cast promises we'll find out a lot about Jill through the interactions of her family and friends. And while there aren't any flashbacks -- the cast hasn't filmed any for the show as of yet -- viewers will also find out a bit more about how everyone came to be friends in the first place.

"We talk a lot about ... how everyone met and how everybody went from being strangers to being family in a certain way," said Omar Benson Miller, who plays Wade's friend Ben. "I think the Thanksgiving episode is ... a really important transitional episode for the series because it establishes a lot of stuff, it addresses a lot of other stuff. There's a lot of love in it."

The Unicorn airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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​The Unicorn

The Unicorn

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