The Simpsons are setting up another historic episode!

The iconic animated series will premiere its first ever one-hour episode in January, 2017. The episode, titled "The Great Phatsby," will feature Empire's Taraji P. Henson and comedian Keegan Michael-Key, as Mr. Burns (Harry Shearer) "tries to relive his glory days, and crosses paths with a mysterious music mogul."

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In case it wasn't clear this was The Simpsons take on Empire: Burns turns to producer Jazzy James (Michael-Key) and the mysterious mogul's ex-wife Praline (Henson) for help. Jazzy James sounds just a little like Terrence Howard's character on Empire, Lucious Lyon; and Praline=Cookie Lyon (in case that wasn't totally clear)

"I just pray it won't be the last thing people see before a Trump inauguration," said executive producer Al Jean in a statement.

The upcoming 28th season of The Simpsons will also contain the show's 600th episode, airing Oct. 16 paired with a classic "Treehouse of Horror" episode.

The Simpsons premieres Sunday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c.