The 2016 Presidential race feels like satire anyway, so The Simpsons doesn't have to embellish much to make fun of it. In "The Debateful Eight," a web-only short released over the weekend, actual audio from the candidates gets animated into the physical brawl Trump & Co. are raring for.

In the clip, Marge wakes up from a nightmare about how basic decency has been thrown out the window during the Presidential race. Homer advises her to imagine an America where "Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along." She then envisions a debate soundtracked by James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)."

The Simpsons are planning a live episode

The short includes some great jokes about Marco Rubio being a robot and Ted Cruz being Canadian. Hillary Clinton brings greetings from Goldman Sachs and chokes Bernie Sanders with her pearls. And Jeb Bush makes an appearance. R.I.P "Jeb!"

Check it out here: