Nearly a month ago, this Asks... blog asked you to name the TV couples that most make you swoon, the pairings (actual or could-be) that make your hearts pitter-patter. The response was overwhelming! We then took your "nominations," tallied up the most-frequent mentions and officially polled you on the dreamiest of the duos.

Well, the results are now in. How did your favorites fare? Did Coach and Mrs. Taylor score a touchdown? Did Chuck get his geek on? And who do you think Clark Kent is most "super" with? Flip through our photo gallery of the top 10 finishers, see for yourself which pair came out on top, and then race back here to weigh in on the outcome.

Haven't had a chance to have your say? Well, the poll is still open, so get in your vote and if the "needle" moves enough over the new few weeks, maybe we'll need to shuffle some of the photo gallery around!

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