What is better than Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and Nic (Emily VanCamp) taking the next big step in their relationship on The Resident? The answer is them deciding to make that decision in bed. Talk about a good morning, you know?

TV Guide is here to cure your case of the Mondays with an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of The Resident and it is pure, delicious, CoNic content. This couple has been through the wringer over the first two seasons of the show but has finally found sure footing. It's so sure, they're finally going to move in together. That's right, Nic has finally come around on the idea, and the two of them are going to start looking for a new place to "start fresh."

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If anyone is in need of some fresh juju on this show, it is these two. The question is, will Conrad's taste for "urban chic" overrule Nic's classic style or will they be able to find a house that fits both of them? Actually, it doesn't really matter as long as they stay together and keep delivering mornings like this.

The Resident airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry, <em>The Resident</em>Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry, The Resident