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The Originals: Um... Did Nazi Vampires Kidnap Hayley?

Prepare for a 1930s flashback!

Lindsay MacDonald

Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) is still missing on The Originals, but Klaus (Joseph Morgan) may have just found the most bizarre clue in her disappearance.

Klaus and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) spent the days leading up to Mardis Gras scouring New Orleans for any sign of Hayley or her kidnappers. Klaus wasn't in the mood to play nice in the newly democratic French Quarter though, so in a bold power move, he kidnapped a member of each faction to pressure and see which one cracked.

The witches tried to help, the werewolves would have died to find their Alpha, but the vampires only resisted his attempts to get to the bottom of the matter -- Klaus' methods may have been nutso, but hey, they were effective!

The newfound realization that Hayley's captors are vampires is important, but it may not be enough of a clue to save Hayley in time. At the first sign that they'd caught Klaus' attention, these kidnappers sliced off Hayley's birthmark and sent the skin to Klaus as a taunt. If they were willing to mutilate her to prove their point, who knows what will happen if Klaus actually manages to back them into a corner.

To make matters worse, he officially launched the city back into all out war by completely alienating all three factions from his and Marcel's rule.

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Their one clue to solving Hayley's abduction was buried at the bottom of the box that housed her severed birthmark. Klaus pulled a Nazi coin (swastika and all) from the broken pieces of the shattered box, which he recognized as the calling card of enemies he'd thought he'd dealt with a long time ago.

Next week, we'll flash back to Germany in the 1930s, when Klaus was up against a cult that hunted werewolves and slaughtered them by the pack. It's looking more and more like this cult (or a modern day version of it) could be behind Hayley's disappearance and the bigoted hybrid language that was scrawled across the former site of her captivity.

Meanwhile, Freya (Riley Voelkel) finally clued Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) in on the danger her emotions present to New Orleans by telling her about the prophecy the witches made before she was even born. If she lets her guilt (and potentially her grief) consume her, she could "melt the city" as Freya so poetically put it.

Can't we just set Hope on these Nazis and cross our fingers that she melts them instead of New Orleans?

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Joseph Morgan, The Originals

Joseph Morgan, The Originals

Annette Brown, Annette Brown/The CW