Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is about to face a pretty tough conundrum on The Originals: How is an all-powerful vampire supposed to navigate the supernatural world when he doesn't remember, well... anything?

In a groundbreaking standalone episode, we'll get a look at where Elijah's story picked up just after Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) compelled his memories of his family (and basically his whole life) away. To say that our poor Elijah will be a little confused is a pretty huge understatement.

"He's a very different being," Gillies tells TV Guide of Elijah without his memories. "He's lost a millennium of information, but he has all of this kind of vampiric muscle memory, in terms of his abilities and what not. He's discovering who he is."

That discovery will be aided by a new character Elijah will bump into fairly soon after realizing his diet calls for more than just an apple a day. Antoinette (Jaime Murray), another vampire who just so happens to be passing through, will be an important step on Elijah's journey of self-discovery.

The Originals Mega Buzz: How Will Elijah Get His Memories Back?

Charles Michael Davis previously told TV Guide that Elijah's past will come back to haunt him eventually though, as it always tends to when it comes to matters of the Mikaelson family. According to Gillies, one of those ghosts will be Klaus (Joseph Morgan) himself, but we probably shouldn't expect Elijah to receive his brother with open arms. "Klaus, sooner or later, is going to need him just because he's awesome — Elijah that is, not Klaus, don't confuse the two," Gillies jokes. "Eventually he's going to need him, and that's going to take some reminding."

How does one go about reminding a total stranger that they're part of an ancient family of Original vampires?

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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