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Klaroline Is Looking Cozy in These New The Originals Photos

OMG, it's a Klaroline reunion in Mystic Falls!

Lindsay MacDonald

The Originals penultimate episode will see the return of Caroline Forbes (Candice King) -- she's been in way more of this final season than we expected -- and she's looking pretty cozy with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in the promotional photos for the episode.

"The Tale of Two Wolves" will take us back to Mystic Falls in a way we haven't been since The Vampire Diaries ended, showing off the town square, the Salvatore Boarding House -- now the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted -- the Mystic Grill and quite a few new additions all of you Vampire Diaries fans should be on the look out for.

The photos of this episode show Klaus and Caroline's Mystic Falls reunion in the familiar setting of the Salvatore residence, and a run in with Alaric (Matt Davis) too. Though Alaric doesn't look too happy to have Klaus lurking around his beloved school, Caroline doesn't seem to mind very much.

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In one photo, Klaroline are nice and close in the town square, making some seriously swoon-worthy eye contact. Another shows a shot of Klaus grasping Caroline's hand in his, and while a photo of Klaus and Caroline holding hands would normally be cause for celebration, her expression looks more worried than intimate.

What's got all of them looking so tense? You'll have to wait until July 25th to find out!

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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