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The Originals: Another Major Character Bites the Dust

Please stop killing our faves!

Lindsay MacDonald

When showrunner Julie Plec teased there were many more significant deaths to come inThe Originals' final batch of episodes, she really wasn't kidding around, was she? In a shocking move, Wednesday's episode killed off a fan-favorite original character, Josh Rosza (Steven Krueger).

The series of events that lead to his death were pretty heroic, so at least we can cherish that. The purist vampires of New Orleans were still roaming free, so Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) hunted them down in an attempt to figure out what their endgame was. Unfortunately, the evil vamps unfortunately got the jump on him, taking Marcel prisoner and using him as a guinea pig to develop a poison to kill immortals. It was then up to Josh to step in and save the day, but during Marcel's rescue, Josh was injected with the poison and died.

During his final moments, he whispered something unknown in Marcel's ear, so keep that in mind for when it's bound to come back up in these final episodes!

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Josh was always a sweet, funny and incredibly loyal kid who deserved nothing but happiness and peace, which was probably why he ended up getting a lovely little afterlife scene. After his ghost bid one last farewell to Marcel, Josh reappeared in a beautiful forest just as a truck rolled up to greet him -- and who should be inside that truck other than Josh's dearly depated soulmate, Aiden (Colin Woodell)! The two literally drove off into the sunset together, making Josh' death fractionally easier to bear.

Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) attempted to ease Hope's (Danielle Rose Russell) suffering from the dark magic festering in her by letting her release all her anger and violence on him. It's a good thing she has an indestructible daddy because yikes! When that didn't work (since Klaus wasn't the one she wanted to be hurting), he kidnapped Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre) and chained him up for Hope to torture. Unfortunately, Hope still had too much humanity to torture and kill an innocent kid, and the darkness just kept building inside her. But Elijah (Daniel Gillies) of all people actually managed to be the one to come to the rescue this time.

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Teaming up with Antoinette (Jaime Murray), Elijah lured all the purist vampires to St. Anne's church, where Hope was waiting to take out all her rage on them -- fitting since they were truly the ones responsible for her mother's death. In an epic blast of magic, she killed all of them in one fell swoop, solving her problem, right?

Come on, The Originals is never that simple!

Unbeknownst to her, Declan (Torrance Coombs) was meeting in the attic with a Diocese priest to do research on his family history and Hope's magic blast hit both of them too. Klaus managed to save Declan in time, but the priest died and we all know what that means...

Hope's werewolf curse has officially been triggered, leaving her with an even bigger problem to face when the full moon rolls around.

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Danielle Rose Russell, The Originals

Danielle Rose Russell, The Originals

Bob Mahoney, Bob Mahoney/The CW