Would you go see a Gilmore Girls musical on Broadway? It sounds like series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino certainly wouldn't.

Apple TV+'s The Morning Show gave fans of the beloved WB-turned-CW series a good giggle when the pilot took shots at a fictitious Broadway show, Gilmore Girls: The Musical. In a bit of a throwaway line, two morning show anchors reference being roped into covering the show, and they even take a little bit of a potshot at Lorelai (Lauren Graham) having a silly name.

TVLine ended up asking Sherman-Palladino about the reference during a recent interview for her Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, to which she replied she was in no hurry to stream the Apple TV+ series. "[I'm] not going to see it," she said. "[The Gilmore Girls plot] doesn't smell good. It smells really bad, so we're going to stay far away from that until we get a really good therapist."

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While Gilmore Girls always had its fair share of whimsy incorporated into its storylines, it's fair to say that a full-tilt musical sounds like a stinker. Lorelai and Rory (Alexis Bledel) can stick to fast-talking, not singing, thank you.

New episodes of The Morning Show are released Fridays on Apple TV+. Gilmore Girls is streaming on Netflix.