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We Didn't Expect This Masked Singer Contestant to Win, But At Least We Correctly Guessed Their Identity

Frog, Turtle, and Night Angel are all revealed!

Malcolm Venable

Are you okay? The Masked Singer ended tonight, concluding a five-month stretch full of extremely good performances, not to mention dazzling outfits from Nick Cannon, who truly outdid himself in the Season 3 finale with a pièce de résistance. Sheathed in a beautiful ivory tuxedo with a Charmin-esque quilted pattern, Cannon made fortune-tellers across the world smash their crystal balls against the wall in envy, furious that they would never be able to receive messages from the beyond in a bedazzled turban as elegant as Nick's. By the end of the episode, we had to reckon not only with the painful realization that we won't see Nick put Elton John to shame for a while but also the hurt of Season 3 ending -- and, for many people, seeing their presumed winner losing. Some thought Frog would win, others were sure Turtle would take it, but it's fair to say that few of us thought Night Angel -- as fabulous as she's been -- would go all the way. But her stunning final performance took her over the edge, and in the end, she deserved to be the winner. Read on to see how it all went down, and who got revealed. 

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Aw! He started his package by saying haters and online meanies made him doubt himself, but this whole experience made him remember how talented he is, and that rapping requires just as much skill as singing. Hear, hear! Or, ribbit, ribbit? Whatever. He sang "Bad Boy for Life" from Black Rob, Mark Curry, and P. Diddy, and though this isn't exactly a vocal-friendly song, Frog once again killed it with his vocal control and banging dance moves. Bonus: He made Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger do those "Wassup wassup?!" hip-hop hands, so that was fun.  
The guesses: Jenny thought he was Lil Romeo, Ken said Kid Cudi, and Nicole was so high she said MC Hammer. Clearly, she never read our recaps because we've been sure about who this was for weeks.

He started his package with a moving speech about how, before this, he'd run into doubt and insecurity, and then he launched into an incredible rendition of "Before You Go," by Lewis Capaldi. What a singer this guy is! 
The guesses: Nicole said Jesse McCartney as everyone believes, Ken said Nick Jonas, and Jenny said Nick Carter. 

Night Angel
Her inspiring package kicked off with her talking about how she'd gone into this thinking at times that she wasn't enough, and the show helped her find confidence she never knew she had. Aw! She took on "River Deep, Mountain High" by Tina Turner -- a lesser-known hit -- and proceeded to shake the lights out of their sockets and make screws come loose from the stage with her phenomenal voice. She might not have been the frontrunner before now, but she certainly earned her position with that performance.
The guesses: Nicole floated an insane Taraji P. Henson theory, while Jenny and Robin said Kandi Burruss which is obviously the answer.

Frog got eliminated first, revealing himself to be Bow Wow, just as we said weeks ago!

Then, shock of all shocks, Night Angel was crowned Season 3 winner! Turtle looked bummed and nearly crawled into his shell. When the masks came off, Night Angel was revealed to be Kandi, and Turtle was Jesse McCartney! Check out what Jesse had to say about his time on the show -- and coming in second place -- here, and check back for an interview with Kandi tomorrow! 

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