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The Good Doctor Season 5 Premiere: A New Hospital Owner Has Us Worried About These Doctors

Yes, Shaun is on the list

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 5 premiere. Read at your own risk!]

The Good Doctor has returned and we are already stressed out. Don't worry, things are still on track for Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Leah (Paige Spara) to tie the knot, but there are even more concerning things going on. The pair remain on good footing, even after Leah's multiple failed wedding nightmares and a disastrous engagement party. Shaun realized he was letting his bride-to-be take on too much and at the end of the episode promised to be an equal partner in planning their upcoming nuptials so all of the pressure wouldn't be on Leah. 

While things might be all good on the homefront for Shaun, it may not be the same for him at work. The premiere episode focused mostly on an intensely inquisitive patient by the name of Salen (Rachel Bay Jones), who had a mysterious mass on her kidney that she avoided letting the team check out by wandering around the hospital asking questions about staff and workflow. She pretended to just be flighty and curious, even while interrupting surgeries to interrogate attendants and chiefs of surgery. However, it turns out that Salen was already aware of her condition, scleroderma, and was testing the doctors at St. Bonaventure on whether they'd be able to diagnose her more quickly than her original doctors. Andrews (Hill Harper) passed the test, but the big reveal came when we found out that Salen had purchased the hospital. So all of those questions had a very specific purpose, and after she unnerved most of the staff, she's now going to be their boss. 

We can already tell that Salen is going to shake things up a lot at St. Bonaventure -- and she is the "mysterious new visitor" Fiona Gubelmann and Christina Chang teased ahead of the new season -- and it has us worried about a few of our faves at the hospital. Let's talk about it. 

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  1. Shaun: Shaun has had a lot of bad luck with authority figures who have come into the hospital in the past. His friction with Dr. Han (Daniel Dae Kim) led him to be fired from the surgical staff in Season 2. Shaun doesn't deal well with change, which is inevitably coming with Salen's peculiar way of dealing with things, so that could set him up for disaster in upcoming episodes. Shaun's saving graces are that he also asks a lot of questions that people aren't bold enough to ask, and he is the best diagnostician at St. Bonaventure. If Salen is out to make sure there are no more bad doctors like the ones who couldn't figure out what was going on in her body, Shaun is going to be really impressive to her. 

  2. Glassman (Richard Schiff): Remember the aforementioned disastrous engagement party? The Good Doctor Season 5 premiere revealed that Glassman is very much in his feelings over his second divorce and he let his feelings air out during his toast at the party. It was a private event so it shouldn't affect his job, but all of the surgical staff saw it and this is a really crappy time for him to be off his game. As president of the hospital, Glassman will probably be having the most direct contact with Salen of anyone on staff, and if the two don't gel well, it isn't going to be a happy ending for Glassman. Plus, when Salen wandered into his office under the guise of being a patient, he was not the most patient or courteous, so that first impression probably left a mark. 

  3. Lim (Chang): Lim kept mentioning in passing throughout the episode how much debt the hospital was in. That's going to be no bueno for a new owner. Plus, it was Lim's surgery that Salen interrupted towards the end of the episode. While Lim tried to be patient -- with her hands inside her own patient -- we have yet to see what Salen's first impression of the Chief of Surgery was. We are sure that Lim is not a fan of Salen at this point, and that may be worse if Salen has objections to Lim's plans to hire her boyfriend, Dr. Mateo Rendon (Osvaldo Benavides), as a new attending. 

  4. Reznick (Gubelmann): Since Reznick isn't actually part of the surgical team at the moment, we are a little less concerned about her but Salen did call her bossy in their first meeting. It's no secret that Reznick's bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, which is going to be a problem for Salen if her primary focus is making sure that patients feel like they are being heard and taken care of, not being talked down to by a doctor who thinks they know better. Like Shaun though, Reznick is an essential part of the team when it comes to diagnostics. Hopefully that is enough to save her from Salen's wrath. 

Who are you most worried about under this new leadership?

The Good Doctor continues Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. New episodes also stream the next day on Hulu

Fiona Gubelmann and William Yun Lee, The Good Doctor

Fiona Gubelmann and William Yun Lee, The Good Doctor