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The Fosters' final episodes, which wrap up the series over three nights starting June 4, will focus on Brandon (David Lambert) getting married, but there's another couple that's been on our minds since the season finale: Jesus (Noah Centineo) and Emma (Amanda Leighton).

It was revealed in the season-ender that their high school love survived the four-year time jump, even with Emma going to college 3,000 miles away at MIT. But do they have what it takes to make it long-term?

The Fosters Series Finale Trailer Teases Tension at Brandon's Wedding

"We all believe we're going to be together forever. I think these two in particular really, truly believe that," executive producer Bradley Bredeweg teases. "There is a case to be made that perhaps they are meant for each other."

They are the longest lasting young couple on the series so the odds are in their favor that they could make it to their own wedding — but one major hurdle could still end up being a deal breaker.

"Long distance is never, never, never easy as we probably all know. They are a young couple in love, so who knows," Bredeweg says.

The Fosters series finale event kicks off June 4 on Freeform.