In the final minutes of last week's The Family, Doug (Michael Esper) — in a callback to Adam's return in the pilot — strolled into the police station, pointed to his own "wanted" sign and told Nina (Margot Bingham), "I'm him."

Is he actually going to confess to kidnapping Adam? Of course not, silly. "It will become very clear what Doug is up to in [Sunday's episode]," creator Jenna Bans tells "It opens with a 36-hour, very intense interrogation scene between Nina and Doug. Nina has a lot of theories to trip up Doug. We sort of see that he is more of a formidable foe to her than Hank (Andrew McCarthy) was back in the day. They're very evenly matched."

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It all builds to a "really pivotal moment" when Ben (Liam James) needs to ID Doug in the police station. But since it appears that the two are working together, so to speak, to keep both of their secrets under wraps, Ben's kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. "Obviously Doug knows that Ben isn't Adam and Doug has the full picture. I think if Doug were to threaten Ben and say, 'You need to help me get out of this,' he has a really strong argument to make because he has a lot of hold over Ben," Bans says. "It's a really great scene between them when they come face-to-face."

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