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The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: The Bachelor Finale, On My Block

Curated recommendations from TV Guide's editors

Tim Surette

Welcome to another week of staying inside and keeping clear of everyone else, but this time you have a real reason to do so. Of course, that still means figuring out what you're going to do inside while you avoid the outside world, and while that obviously means watching tons of TV, we still have to figure out what exactly we're going to watch. Good thing there are some good TV options to look forward to right now!

This week has something for everyone. Need a dark comedy about grief and puppets? Looking for a new take on the zombie genre? Want to glaze over and watch attractive people cry over love? Need an insightful teen comedy? This week has all that and more.

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Season 2 finale Sunday at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c on Showtime
In true Kidding fashion, the Season 2 finale obviously begins in Tibet in 1706 because that's how this wacky, emotional dark comedy rolls. There are two episodes on Sunday night, with the finale exploring Jeff (Jim Carrey) and Jill's (Judy Greer) relationship and closing one of the Piccirillo family's greatest chapters, or maybe actually opening things up wider for more turmoil (and a Season 3!). Kidding hits two small, overlapping bullseyes of brutal emotion and hilarious darkness, and while it's not always everyone's cup of tea, those who dig it can't get enough. You should see if you're one of those people, you might be surprised. [Read our review of the season]

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Season 3 premiere Monday at 8/7c on Nat Geo
Wear a tight hat when watching the latest season of Cosmos, the groundbreaking science documentary, because your mind is going to be blown to bits. A very excited Neil DeGrasse Tyson hosts this continuation of Carl Sagan's legendary series that always reminded us how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things, and he frequently does it from the imaginary holodeck of a fictional spacecraft that is zooming around trippy looking screensavers. That's a compliment. Two episodes air Monday; the first covers the development of life from microscopic dots to hairless apes (it's true, Ted Cruz!), and the second explains why it's time to book that permanent vacation to other life-sustaining planets and what we're doing to make that a reality.

The Bachelor

Two-part Season 24 finale Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC
Watch "true" "love" blossom right before your eyes as a man who went on like three dates with two different women decides it's time to profess his undying commitment to one of them! In Monday's episode of The Bachelor, Peter has fun with the gals in Australia before heading back home, where Peter's family will chime in with their preference. In Tuesday's episode, Peter will be choosing between Hanna Ann and Madison to extend their relationship a few months with a proposal sponsored by a fancy jewelry company. Then later, he gets to face the one he rejected and tell her exactly why she wasn't good enough for him. Ahhh, love!

On My Block

Season 3 premieres Wednesday on Netflix
On My Block might not get a lot of press coverage, but it's easily one of the best shows Netflix has ever produced. In the eight-episode third season, the show is better than ever as Monse (Sierra Capri), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Jamal (Brett Gray) are tasked with tracking down Lil' Ricky, the founder of the Santos, who has long been presumed dead. Although the situation quickly becomes dangerous, the show once again balances out the threat of violence with its signature brand of humor. But the real reason to tune in this season is Spooky (Julio Macias), Cesar's older brother, who becomes much more important to the overall story in quite surprising ways. -Kaitlin Thomas [Read our review]


Season 2 premieres Friday on Netflix
We don't really need any new zombie shows, but if we're going to watch them, they'd better have some sort of twist. Netflix's Kingdom, the first South Korean original Netflix series, was one of 2019's brightest surprises for exactly that reason. Kingdom features the undead relentlessly tearing people apart, sure, but it sets all the action during Korea's Joseon period in the late 16th Century. That means no headshots from shotguns, but who needs that when you have sharp blades slicing heads clean off? A fine mix of historical fiction and supernatural horror, Kingdom has brought the zombie drama back from the dead. And there's absolutely zero talk about doing what it takes to survive while also retaining humanity like a certain other zombie show out there.

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