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The Best New Shows on Netflix This Week - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

There's a ton of stuff to sort through this week

Tim Surette

Are you looking for something to watch on Netflix? Here are our recommendations for the best new shows and movies on Netflix this week.

Since Netlflix gave us such a bounty last week, it appears the company felt it could chill out this week. There's only one domestic scripted drama being released Friday, with most of the new offerings coming from abroad. Maybe it's because we've been spoiled with so much good stuff recently, but I feel ripped off! I would cancel my Netflix subscription if I didn't have 284 other Netflix shows I needed to catch up on. But you're on notice, Netflix! Give me that content, NOW!

Let's go through all the Netflix releases, shall we? And if you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, Oct. 26 unless specified otherwise.)

The Biggest Release

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 1
In this new take on the character that inspired Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sabrina (Mad Men's Kieran Shipka) is still a teen and still a witch, but this time she's working to be a soldier for Satan, and yes you do actually see Satan and he/she/it is very cool looking. There's plenty of blood and murder, but it's the Satanic rituals that really shine. The series was created by Riverdale's Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and it lives in the same universe of Riverdale, but there are no plans for a crossover... yet. It's just a matter of time though, right?

Movies! Movies! Movies!

Sandi Tan was just 18 when she was making an indie film in Singapore. But after wrapping, her American collaborator took off with all the footage with no explanation. Now a novelist in Los Angeles, the highly rated Shirkers follows Tan as she returns home to find answers. The movie, which is also out in theaters Friday, is a Sundance winner and a critics' fave. (

Been So Long
Looking for a La La Land with more of a British accent? No? Well, Been So Long is here anyway. The high-spirited romantic comedy-musical is set in the lively neighborhood of Camden in London, and follows a single mum as she reluctantly looks for a new mate. (Trailer)

Everything Else

Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj
The Daily Show is now just a springboard for correspondents to get their own show, I guess. Hasan Minhaj moves to Netflix for a topical look at how messed up the world is today... through a comedic lens! New episodes will air weekly on Sundays. (Sunday, Oct. 28)

Castlevania, Season 2
You played the video games way back in the day, now watch the anime based on it! The gothic horror series may look Japanese, but don't be fooled: It's American! (Trail er)

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

This biopic traces the struggle of Russian novelist Sergei Dovlatov to get published under the strict regime of the Russian government in 1971. If only he lived today, then he could easily get work at BuzzFeed. (Trailer)

Well, this Spanish-language comedy film looks goofy. A frustrated head of a company is reenergized when he heeds the advice of the cleaning lady who works in the office at night. And she strips naked in the hallways? It's confusing. (Trailer)

Terrorism Close Calls, Season 1
Looking for something peaceful to watch right before you go to bed? How about this docuseries about all the times we barely caught terrorists before they did something really, really terrible! (Trailer)

Girl From Nowhere, Season 1
In this Thai series, a girl transfers from school to school to expose the dark secrets of the students and faculties. What a narc! (Trailer)

The Degenerates, Season 1
Because stand-up specials are so cost-efficient to make (just bring a camera to something that was already happening, essentially), Netflix loves 'em!. This series follows six potty-mouthed up-and-coming comedians as they go blue on stage. Bring earmuffs for your kids. (Tuesday, Oct. 30 / Trailer)

What to Stream the Weekend of October 19

Fate/Extra Last Encore, Season 2
With a name like that, you know it's anime. As for what it's about, I really can't tell. (Tuesday, Oct. 30 / Trailer)

Gun City
This Spanish film is a period piece set in 1921 full of mobsters and coppers shooting at each other. At the heart of it, a cop plays both sides to find a cache of guns. Come se dice, "You dirty rat?" (Wednesday, Oct. 31 / Trailer)

Stop searching, start watching! TV Guide's Watch This Now! page has even more TV recommendations.