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The Best New Shows on Netflix This Week - Big Mouth, Terrace House

And we're all over a sexy YA murder mystery from Spain!

Tim Surette

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? We've got a ton of recommendations of the best new Netflix shows right here.

Before we get to this week's picks, are you sure you made it through everything that came out last week? Did you gobble up every course of Chef's Table? Es Made in Mexico finito? Uhhh, admittedly, last week wasn't that packed with hot releases, but that changes this week.

It's another massive dump by Netflix starting Friday, with 14 new shows or movies screaming for your attention. It's also a perfect example of how Netflix plans to conquer the world with a diverse portfolio; there's a crass cartoon, a horror movie, a stand-up special, an Asian relationship web series, a Spanish YA drama, an indie flick, an international reality series and, of course, anime. If you can't find something to watch on Netflix this week, then you need help.

Let's go through all the Netflix releases, shall we? And if you're looking for even more hand-picked recommendations, click over to our Watch This Now! page.

(All titles are out Friday, Oct. 5 unless specified otherwise.)

The Big Releases

Big Mouth, Season 2
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney voice a pair of young 'uns trapped by the unrelenting grasp of puberty in this animated comedy that's probably the most crass thing on television. But the lewd 'tude is part of the show's - dare I say -- charm? Each kid has their own hormone monster that represents their uncontrollable urges, and new this season is the Shame Wizard (voiced by Fargo's David Thewlis), who amplifies the kids' insecurities to truly make this stage in their life confusing. Still, in between dry humping and "sheet sneezes," Big Mouth finds moments to be brutally honest and occasionally poignant. Don't watch this with your kids. Or your parents.

Private Life
The Savages' Tamara Jenkins mines her own personal experience for this comedy film about a couple in their 40s (Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn) trying to have a kid. Private Life is a brutal look at the difficulties of trying to conceive while nature says otherwise, with a dose of heart and humor to keep it light and relatable. The movie, which is already drawing rave reviews, comes out in theaters the same day it debuts on Netflix, so watching this at home will cover your entire month's subscription cost. (Trailer)

This Week's International Delight

Elite, Season 1
America doesn't own the market on sexy YA dramas as this series set at an elite boarding school shows. This series from Spain has hot kids making out, shirt-collar grabbing bros, police interrogations AND murder! It's like The O.C. and Riverdale had a kid who went to prep school full of dicks. You know how these go; you probably won't even need the subtitles. This looks like good fun.

Everything Else!

22 July
Academy Award-nominee Paul Greengrass recounts Norway's deadliest terrorist attack, in which a car bomb detonated in Oslo and a mass shooting at a leadership camp for teens claimed 77 lives. The film will show the attack and the aftermath from the perspective of one of the camp's survivors, and his confrontation with the man who committed the act of terrorism. (Wednesday, Oct. 10)

Dancing Queen, Season 1
No, it's not the ABBA song, but Dancing Queen comes close. A drag queen serves as a teacher and life mentor for an incredibly competitive youth dancing troupe. Things will get sassy in this fiercer Dance Moms. (Trailer)

Here Are the 100 Best Shows Right Now

Empire Games, Season 1
Empire Games is for all you amateur history nerds out there! Professional history nerds break down some of the greatest empires to exist with the help of some dramatic reenactments featuring struggling actors. (Trailer)

Little Things, Season 2
If being in a romantic relationship was easy, I'd be in like 20 of them! But it's hard work, as this thoughtful Indian web series points out. Season 2 focuses more on how Dhruv and Kavya see their lives and dreams interfering with their bond, rather than the regular squabbles about who left the fridge open (it was you, wasn't it, Kavya!?!?). (Trailer)

Lost Song, Season 3
I am baffled at how much anime Japan churns out. Utterly flabbergasted. Lost Song is about female mages who sing songs that give them powers. (Trailer)

Don't wear pants while watching this movie because it will just scare them right off you! When a couple of cons who pose as ghost hunters get called to a haunted orphanage for what they think is an easy score, things don't go as planned. Because of ghosts. Murdered orphan ghosts. The worst kind of ghosts! (Trailer)

Super Monsters Save Halloween
If you're over two weeks in age, you're probably too old for this special about large-headed monster children who really like Halloween. (Trailer)

YG Future Strategy Office, Season 1
K-pop star Seungri has a laugh at the industry in YG Future Strategy Office. It looks like a Korean version of The Office, with the boy band member trying to save his record label. (Trailer)

Mo Amer: The Vagabond
Arab-American comedian Mo Amer is from Texas and boy does he have some humorous stories to tell in his stand-up special! (Monday, Oct. 8 / Trailer)

Terrace House: Opening New Doors, Part 4
Japan's version of The Real World continues in the newest crop of episodes from the international hit. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being really, really polite! Seriously, the serene Terrace Houseis like watching flowers bloom and puppies playing; it's everything American reality television is not (including good). (Wednesday, Oct. 10 / Trailer)

Blood Pact (Pacto de Sangue), Season 1
This violent drama from Brazil follows a newsman who uses questionable tactics to get access to drug runners and other criminals near the Amazon. (Thursday, Oct. 4 / Trailer)

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