Looking for something new to watch on Netflix this weekend? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of March 1-7.

You'll probably look at other "What's on Netflix This Week, Guys?" stories around the web and see endless complaining about a lack of AAA titles this Friday, but we say hogwash! Hidden gems are becoming Netflix's true MVPs, and our lead show this week — the docuseries Losers — is indeed very enjoyable despite the fact that you're only hearing about it now. And sneaking in on Thursday is a low-key fantasy series that would fit right at home next to the underrated The Magicians.

And of course, there are the odd international offerings, like one all the way from the strange land of Canada starring William Baldwin, a Korean cartoon that doesn't make any sense, and a French movie that's probably about 10 years to late to be relevant.

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(All titles are out Friday, March 1 unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

Losers, Season 1
Songs will be sung about winners for all of eternity, but losers are just footnotes in heroes' stories, their own stories faded to nothingness. OK, that's a bit dramatic, but Netflix's latest surprisingly awesome docuseries gives some of sports' biggest and most unknown losers the stage. The eight-episode series looks at individuals or teams who faced devastating losses, and elevates them to feel-good stories by focusing on what these people on the wrong side of the outcome learned from the experience, how they rebounded and what they came up with to survive. From a boxer who nearly died in the ring only to discover his true calling, to a small soccer team's miracle draw to keep the club alive, to a curler who got beat by the greatest shot in the sport's history and changed the entire game, each episode dives into sports psychology and teaches a different lesson about sportsmanship and overcoming some of the biggest beatdowns the public has seen.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
The week's other inspirational true story comes from actor-director Chiwetel Ejiofor, who adapts the book of the same name about a young boy in Malawi who saves his village from famine by constructing a wind turbine to help grow crops. It looks like a solid movie for those who are into stories of perseverance, or for people who are into wind-based alternative energy. (Trailer)

Everything Else

The Order, Season 1
There will never be enough TV shows about kids who go to college and uncover a secret underground order of those who practice magic to fight monsters and keep equilibrium between good and evil, so here's another one. (Thursday, March 7)

Apparently The Hangover has finally made its way to France. This French comedy film is about dudes who get down to bro-ness as entrebroneurs who start their own bro-chelor party service. Bro-n apetit! (Trailer)

Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians, Season 1
It's like baseball, but much more confusing; matches can last for days and hits can go backward. This docuseries follows one of the titans of the game, I assume. (Trailer)

Larva Island, Season 2
The adventures of two worms on a tropical island who spend most of their time screaming continues in this Korean animated show targeting toddlers and people on DMT. (Trailer)

Northern Rescue, Season 1
Canadian television dips into the broken family genre popularized by Party of Five and Everwood and others of the ilk, but this one stars Billy Baldwin. This time, the mom dies and dad decides to relocate the family to a small wilderness town where he heads up the Search & Rescue team up there. What he's really searching for and hopes to rescue is... his family's love. (Trailer)

River's Edge
This Japanese movie about love and relationships and maybe some corpses looks seriously dramatic, even if we can't tell what is going on, what with all the kittens, solo binge-eating sessions and possibly flaming bodies falling from buildings. (Trailer)

Your Son
In this Spanish-language revenge thriller, a surgeon whose son is beaten to death in a mysterious attack decides it's time to operate... on the perpetrators! Let's just say he won't be needing an anesthesiologist. (Trailer)

Secret City, Season 2
Fringe's Anna Torv stars in this Australian political thriller that shows the land down under is just as messed up as the land up top. Corruption! Cover-ups! Dramatic music! It's all here. (Trailer / Wednesday, March 6)

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