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The Best Movies and Shows to Watch on Hulu in May

It's movie month on Hulu

Tim Surette
Aidy Bryant, Shrill

Aidy Bryant, Shrill

Allyson Riggs/Hulu

Can you believe it's already May? We're almost halfway through 2021. Are you looking for the best new shows and movies to watch on Hulu in May? We're here to provide answers to that all-important question. One good starting point is the final season of Aidy Bryant's comedy Shrill, which premieres May 7 and features Annie mixing it up with some right-wing secessionists. Should be fun!

But for the truly best of what to watch on Hulu in May, you'll be spending most of your time watching movies. While May brings plenty of older good ones like (500) Days of Summer, Train to Busan, and Skyfall, you should also check out a bunch of indie releases and other films that skipped big theatrical releases during the pandemic. Chloë Grace Moretz fights monsters and men in Shadow in the Cloud, religion and obsession collide in A24's horror film Saint Maud, and Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci put in wonderful performances in Supernova. For more, here's everything coming to Hulu in May.

Our picks for the best shows and movies to watch on Hulu in May are below. Plus, here are our picks for what came out on Hulu in April, and here is the complete list of what was new on Hulu in April. We also have recommendations for TV shows and movies If you're looking for even more suggestions, click over to our full list of recommendations.

The Best Shows and Movies on Hulu This Month

Shadow in the Cloud
Available May 5 
I just watched Chloë Grace Moretz in the live-action Tom & Jerry, in which she makes big eyes at a cartoon mouse and flops around a hotel, so I just assumed that's the kind of role she's doing now. But nope, here in this grindhouse horror-thriller, Moretz plays a last-minute crew member on a B-17 bomber in 1943 who is transporting secret cargo, must shoot enemy planes out of the sky as a belly gunner, and also survive attacks from a terrifying bat-like creature. That's what we call range.

Season 3 available May 7
It's the final season of Aidy Bryant's comedy about a woman coming out of her shell and -- depending how you look at it -- finding her voice or becoming very annoying (sometimes the two go hand-in-hand). Set in an incredibly concentrated take on Portland with its abundance of mustaches and vintage duds, Shrill stars Bryant as a writer at the city's weekly as she deals with friendly and romantic relationships as an outspoken millennial. Is she a voice of her generation or everything that's wrong with it? We may never know. There's no general consensus on the show as critics are split on it, but everyone agrees that the cast is highly likable.

Little Fish
Available May 7
Looking to watch a movie and be so crushed by your emotions that there's nothing left of you except a raisin-y skin shell laying on the ground? Here you go. The sci-fi romance Little Fish stars Olivia Cooke and Jack O'Connell as a couple dealing with a -- take a deep breath -- pandemic that leaves those afflicted with increasing memory loss. Deadly viruses, economic and societal collapses, and hours stuck inside aside, Little Fish is about love and everything you build for a successful relationship, and what happens when that's taken away. "I find myself wondering how to build a future if you have to keep rebuilding the past," Cooke says in the trailer, and that is when you'll lose it. 

Saint Maud
Available May 13
Whenever A24 releases a horror movie, sirens should blare so that the masses know to drop everything they're doing and go watch it now. The studio that delivered HereditaryMidsommarThe Lighthouse, and many more (Green RoomThe WitchIt Comes at Night!) next drops Saint Maud, another psychological horror film that's already being hailed as a modern classic in its native England. This time, the fuel for terror is religion, as a devoutly Catholic hospice nurse is hellbent on saving the soul of a terminally ill patient she's caring for, and then bodies start floating. It's another taut thriller from the most reliable film studio in the business.

Some Kind of Heaven
Available May 13
This documentary takes a look at the world's largest retirement community in Florida known as The Villages, which has been rumored as a hot spot for frisky seniors and political wars between the elderly. Director Lance Oppenheim puts his camera on three sets of residents -- a couple in the midst of a decaying marriage, a drifter, and a widow -- to show a different side of the sun-soaked waiting room for the afterlife. In perhaps the greatest endorsement of the film, The Villages is angry at the film as a misrepresentation of the community, while Oppenheim specifically chose to show life for those who weren't as happy there. With odd humor and dreamy cinematography, it's a film people either love or hate.

Available May 15
You know Steve Zahn as the stereotypical comedic sidekick from movies like Happy, Texas and Out of Sight, but here he is excellent in the lead role of a dad who takes his transgender son on a wilderness adventure when the rest of Montana -- including the son's mom -- doesn't approve of the son's lifestyle. Everyone else calls it kidnapping, but Zahn's character is just looking to help his kid out. 

Available May 18
This isn't one of those happy movies and it isn't one of those sad movies, even though it will make you both extremely happy and sad. It's one of those 'tweeners about the beauty of love and life in the face of tragedy, and I'm already crying.  The bittersweet story about a couple (Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci) spending some of their last days together as one of them is afflicted with dementia is a weeper, but carrying you through it will be Firth and Tucci's excellent performances.

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