Octavia Blake can take down almost anyone on The 100, but only a few years ago, the actress who plays her was bested by a toilet.

Marie Avgeropoulos' first on-screen role was in a 2009 episode of Supernatural, in which she played a cheerleader who drowns in a toilet.

"I had to die death-by-swirly once, where they actually stuck my head in a toilet. And then the director told me to open my eyes and my mouth and start screaming," Avgeropoulos recalls. "So I just basically threatened his life and said, 'If anybody ever took a dump in that toilet and you're making me open my eyes and my mouth, it will not end well for you.' And they promised me it was a brand new throne."

See what Avgeropoulos' The 100 co-stars Eliza Taylor, Alycia Debnam-Carey andAdina Porter reveal in the video above.

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