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The 100 Season 7: Spoilers, Air Dates, Recaps, Photos, and More

Has Bellamy really turned on his friends?

Lindsay MacDonald

The 100's final season has passed the halfway point, and we're more eager than ever to see just how Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and her friends' stories will end. Season 7 has leaned harder than ever before into the show's sci-fi elements, which means there's really no telling how things will play out.

This season has divided all of our heroes -- some by distance, some by time, and some by both. Meanwhile, a new threat looms on the horizon as the Disciples and their hunt for the Flame puts all our heroes at risk. Not to mention, Sheidheda is still running around, and he might be more of a threat than ever to Clarke, Madi (Lola Flanery), and the people of Sanctum.

Whatever the explanation for all these twists will be, we'll have to wait to see how Season 7 plays out to get some answers. In the meantime, TV Guide has compiled everything we know about the final season The 100, from spoilers to casting news to recaps of all the episodes that have aired so far. 

The 100 Season 7 Recaps 

Episode 1: "From the Ashes"
The 100 Boss breaks down Bellamy's Absence, a New Threat, and that Sheidheda Twist 

Episode 2: "The Garden"
The 100's Jason Rothenberg on How Motherhood Changed Octavia

Episode 3: "False Gods"
The 100 Recap: Raven's Chances of Surviving the Season Just Went Down

Episode 4: "Hesperides"
The 100: Who Are the Disciples? 

Episode 5: "Welcome to Bardo"
Did The 100 Just Kill Off One of Our Favorite Characters?

Episode 6: "Welcome to Nakara"
Is Bellamy Blake Really Dead on The 100?

Episode 7: "The Queen's Gambit"
The 100's Lindsey Morgan Breaks Down Clarke and Raven's Reactions to Bellamy's Death 

Episode 8: "Anaconda"
The 100 Boss Says the Spin-Off Would Also Tell the Ark's Origin Story

Episode 10: "A Little Sacrifice"
The 100's JR Bourne Says Indra and Sheidheda's Face-Off Gave Him 'Goosebumps'

Episode 11: "Etherea"
The 100: Bellamy May Have Just Turned Against Clarke for Good

Lindsey Morgan, The 100

Lindsey Morgan, The 100

The 100 Season 7 Spoilers

We may know the series finale date. There is currently only one more break scheduled during The 100's final season, which will put the show on a brief two-week hiatus. Based on the number of episodes left to air, the finale date could be Sept. 30.  

We're headed for a satisfying ending. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg announced the series would end after Season 7 on Twitter, and he later told TV Guide he had a specific ending in mind for the series. "I hope [fans will] be satisfied," Rothenberg said. "I am satisfied. I think it's a pretty powerful, emotional ending."

Bellamy (Bob Morley) will be MIA for a while. Rothenberg confirmed to TV Guide that Morley requested to take time off during the filming of Season 7, and that absence was written into the Season 7 storyline as an abduction. Though he's still a series regular, there's no confirmation on when he'll return.

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There will be 16 episodes in Season 7. For the last few seasons, The CW has pretty consistently ordered 13-episode seasons for The 100, but the final season will consist of 16 episodes. That will put the total number of episodes for the series at -- wait for it -- 100.

We have a first look at a new human civilization. Season 7 introduced a new human civilization on a planet called Bardo, and we've officially got our first look at them. New photos show Octavia being held in a white room by more people with those strange symbols on their faces. One of them, the supposed leader, is named Anders, and he's played by Neal McDonough

Marie Avgeropoulos and Jason Diaz, The 100

Marie Avgeropoulos and Jason Diaz, The 100

Neal McDonough and Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100

Neal McDonough and Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100


The new title sequence contains hints. Each year The 100's opening credits get a makeover, and sometimes there are hints about the upcoming season. There are a few noticeable changes in the new sequence. The green mist of the Anomaly can be found in several places as well as a landscape that looks almost like a moon or some kind of icy terrain. There's also what looks like a cylindrical lighted hallway over the actual title card, which will surely be significant. Finally, if you zoom in on one of the new locations seen in the credits you can read its listed as "Bardo," and the atmosphere is described as "not breathable." 


Production wrapped with Eliza Taylor. Filming for the final season wrapped on Saturday, March 14. Many members of the cast and crew shared emotional goodbye messages as production on the show came to an end. Jason Rothenberg's final tweet about leaving set for the last time was particularly gut-wrenching. "Just left set with the great @MisElizaJane and I have to say... she's a treasure," Rothenberg wrote. "Leaving the place we built together for the last time was a special but bittersweet moment. #The100."

We have not seen the last of Octavia. Though her fate seems ominous, anything is possible on The 100, and you can't assume anyone is dead (or if they are, that they'll stay that way). Jason Rothenberg told Entertainment Weekly, "Whether she's alive or dead, Marie's amazing and you can safely say we have not seen the last of her. But whether or not she's dead and we tell her story in flashback or whether or not we see her again in the present, that's something we have to wait and see."

Eliza Taylor, The 100

Eliza Taylor, The 100

Colin Bentley, Colin Bentley/The CW

There will not be any time travel. Despite Hope coming out of the Anomaly as an adult when three days earlier she'd still been a fetus in Diyoza's (Ivana Milicevic) belly, Rothenberg assured us that he doesn't plan to use time travel to explain how that's possible. He did, however, tell us that time was "acting funny." Now, we know the planet called Skyring -- aka Penance -- is located close to a black hole, which causes time there to accelerate. The resulting time differential means a few seconds on another planet could translate to years on Skyring.

The 100's Jason Rothenberg Addresses the Show Ending

Hope won't be a villain. Potentially killing off a beloved character is a good way to designate yourself as the new villain of the series, but we probably shouldn't judge Hope too quickly. Despite not wanting to say much about this new mystery character, Jason Rothenberg did tell TV Guide that he thinks we're going to end up liking her and her quick wit. That's probably a good thing considering TVLine reports that Flannery will be a series regular in The 100 Season 7.

Shelby Flannery, The 100

Shelby Flannery, The 100

We'll be meeting new convicts. The convicts from Eligius IV will factor much more into Season 7, with two new convicts joining the gang when the show returns. Deadline reports that the first new prisoner will be a character named Nikki, played by Alaina Huffman. Nikki's character description says she is "a bank robber and spree-killer who is both unpredictable and fierce. She will take on an unexpected leadership role, advocating for her people in the complicated new world of Sanctum."

On the other end of the spectrum, a new character named Hatch (Chad Rook) sounds much less dangerous. TVLine reports that Hatch will be "a charming Eligius convict who is determined to forge a better life for those he loves." Now it's just a mystery who exactly he'll end up loving.

A backdoor pilot will introduce a potential prequel. One episode of the final season of The 100 will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential prequel series. The possible spin-off will be set 97 years before the events of The 100, beginning as the world ends in a nuclear apocalypse. It will follow a band of survivors who struggle to acclimate to their new world and build a society out of the ashes of the one that came before. TVLine reports that the episode will be titled, "Anaconda."

Lindsey Morgan will direct an episode. Like her co-stars Bob Morley and Henry Ian Cusick before her, The 100 star Lindsey Morgan will be stepping behind the camera to direct an episode of the series. More specifically, she'll direct Episode 7 of the season.

The 100 Season 7 premieres Wednesday, May 20 at 8/7c on the CW.

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100

Marie Avgeropoulos, The 100