First off, thanks to the person who answered my Britney Spears question from last week. It was actually Britney's "Toxic" on Bobby's ringtone, not his car radio and he was referring to her recording of his "My Prerogative" when he said, "She stole my song." Bitter much? Now on to this week
10:00 pm
Someone yells "Free Bobby Brown!" to Bobby as they drive by. Bobby: "Why do people always think I'm locked up?" I can just imagine how many people yell "Free Katie!" to Tom Cruise when doing a drive-by.
10:02 Whitney smokes in front of the kids and is chastised by Bobby: "Second-hand smoke kills everybody." Me to the TV: "So does crack."
10:03 Bobby's singing voice is not what it used to be, but I'm kinda liking the new reggae song he's recording with the Marleys.
10:04 Whitney tells Bobby to shut up, then sings an impromptu "Ride Like the Wind" by Christopher Cross.
10:05 Bobby's "funky breath" makes Whitney go, "Eww!" and Bobby makes sure we know that the phallic-shaped buzzing device in his hand is an electric toothbrush.
10:06 Although Bobby's wine of preference is Boone's Farm, he spends $698.98 on groceries.
10:07 In this week's classiest moment, Bobby bites Whitney's toenail while she's napping. When she awakens, she tells him, "You're not well."
10:10 Whitney tells Bobby that his new song sounds awfully similar to a song by S.W.V.
Bobby announces he's 35. Last week, when he looked into the mirror and said "44 I'm getting fat," he was referring to his waist size. Thanks also to the reader who e-mailed with that observation.
10:20 Bobbi Kristina says she's "mad hungry." Twice.
10:21 Bobbi Kris is now "mad hot" and wants ice cream.
10:23 Bobbi Kris pulls a Garbo and wants to be alone. She's avoiding her sis, LaPrincia.
10:29 After more than five minutes of pouting and LaPrincia asking Bobbi Kris if she was having her period, the gals make up. Bobby: "It's hard raising girls."

Next week: We finally get to see them in one of their actual houses, rather than the hotel of the week!