Thanks again for all the additional feedback on who you think the Carver might be. In addition to the Kimber, Gina, Matt and Quentin predictions, several of you now think it might be Liz, but a few of you think it could be Dr. Bobolit (Joey Slotnick). Hmmm. OK tell me that you screamed "Shut up!" at the screen like I did when Thomas Calabro showed up as a doctor? I was like "Is he supposed to be Michael Mancini?" Had to get that out of the way. Let's talk about the patient that Calabro's doctor character was operating on. How do they think of these things? A man who wants to get his leg amputated just because he can't stand looking at it? Please. I'll pretend that BIID (body integrity identity disorder) exists, just because I can't imagine someone would make up such a thing. But I do know what does exist: altering someone's appearance just to protect his/her identity. I found the whole Anne Heche story line fascinating. Celestia I mean, Anne  can be a total loon, but one thing's also for certain: She's a fantastic actress. I've thought so ever since Walking and Talking (rent it if you don't believe me). Next week her character's surgery will make her look more like Anne Heche. Great way for Sean to make himself feel more worthwhile, working with the FBI like he is. And speaking of feeling more worthwhile, glad Christian popped the question to Kimber and she said yes. Loved seeing TV Guide Channel's own Joan Rivers back as herself. How ingenious that she'd be the one to help the women's new spa thrive. I died when Joan rubbed the face lotion on without realizing that the secret ingredient was semen. I can just see Joan reading the script "Can we talk?!?" Dave Anderson

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