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Tell Me a Story Sneak Peek: A Bloody Paul Wesley Returns to Haunt James Wolk

Eddie is back... sort of

Keisha Hatchett

Surprise! I bet you thought you'd seen the last of Paul Wesley on Tell Me a Story. But it turns out, you're dead wrong.

Despite killing himself after accidentally shooting his girlfriend Carla (Justine Cotsonas), Wesley's Eddie Longo returns to Kevin Williamson's fairy-tale drama Thursday to haunt Jordan (James Wolk) about the consequences of his actions. In this exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode, a bearded and bloodied Eddie appears in Jordan's apartment for a little taunting as Jordan descends further into madness.

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"You're not really here," Jordan says in the clip.

He's right. The recently deceased drug addict isn't so much a ghost à la Patrick Swayze as he is a figment of Jordan's guilt-ridden imagination -- Eddie killed Carla believing her to be Jordan breaking into his trailer, after all. But Jordan's on a mission to find the man who murdered his fiancée and doesn't have time to wallow in shame for the part he played in both of their deaths.

Turning to a feeling of self-righteousness instead of guilt, Jordan vows to find the third little pig and end him once and for fall -- an eye for an eye, as they say. The question is, can Jordan go through with this dangerous plan or will his humanity return just in time to stop him from fully going off the deep end?

Watch the drama unfold when a new episode of Tell Me a Story arrives Thursday on CBS All Access.

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​Paul Wesley, Tell Me a Story

Paul Wesley, Tell Me a Story

Patrick Harbron, CBS