Question: Can you tell me any details about the old CBS sitcom Doctor, Doctor? It was with Matt Frewer, the guy who also played on ABC's Max Headroom. Thanks!

Answer: That I can, Matt. After, as you say, Frewer starred in the short-lived but fascinating Max Headroom in 1987, he donned a white coat to play Dr. Mike Stratford on the more traditional sitcom Doctor, Doctor, which debuted on CBS in June 1989.

A partner in a Providence, R.I., medical practice, Mike was a little wacky but had a big heart. Unfortunately for him, his more business-minded partners (Julius Carry, Beau Gravitte, Maureen Mueller) weren't quote so altruistic, which made for all sorts of comic situations.

Adding to the zany antics was Mike's other line of work, giving medical advice on a morning TV show, his gay brother, and a psychiatrist who had an office in Mike's medical building (and was also a quick romantic interest and the sister of one of his partners). Things weren't zany enough, however. The show flatlined a year into its run.