Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go!

The Teen Titans are on the move. Original episodes of Cartoon Network's quirky superhero comedy Teen Titans Go! return this week on a new night and time, Thursdays at 6/5c.

Kicking things off is a special episode that mixes live-action sequences. In "Puppets, Whaaat?," team leader Robin grows so frustrated with the lack of respect he feels his super friends are showing him that he gives them an extreme makeover, marionette edition. Wishing that Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire would fall into line, he makes a deal with The Puppet Wizard, who turns the entire team into real-life playthings. Hilarity, as always, ensues.

Teen Titans Go!, which spun out of a successful series of shorts on Cartoon Network's DC Nation block, was No. 1 in its previous time period (Wednesdays at 6:30/5:30c) with kids 6-11, 9-14 and all key boys demos.

Check out an exclusive clip from "Puppets Whaaat?"

Teen Titans Go!

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