Ted Danson in Damages courtesy FX Ted Danson in Damages courtesy FX

Might Ted Danson's Golden Globe nomination for playing Damages' very, very naughty Arthur Frobisher help resuscitate the ruthless tycoon, who last was seen bleeding from a gunshot wound in a remote field? Before the strike struck, the writer-producers of FX's critically acclaimed drama told TVGuide.com they had sketched out a version of Season 2 where Fro lives, and one where... he doesn't. Which one will they go with, once production resumes? "I think it depends on if I ask for too much money," Danson tells TVGuide.com with a laugh.

Turning serious, he says, "I have no idea, because as soon as they got picked up for two [more] seasons, the strike was under way, so there was no communication allowed." That said, Danson is open to another run, provided that... well, you'll have to read the full Q&A to find out.