It's been years since Téa Leoni's comedic talents were properly showcased. After the 1997 axing of her sitcom The Naked Truth, she moved on to decidedly unfunny movies like Deep Impact and Jurassic Park 3. But her latest stint in Hollywood Ending has director and co-star Woody Allen raving that she is "the next Carole Lombard."

The 36-year-old actress tells TV Guide Online that it's the sort of experience she's eager to repeat. "I don't think I've ever had that much fun," she laughs. One improvised slapstick scene finds Leoni preparing Allen — a film director who's suddenly gone blind — for a business meeting at New York's Plaza Hotel. "It was like being with a fellow two-year-old in a china shop!" she hoots. "He would just walk around smashing things in the room. The Plaza, I think, has something to say about that scene. We broke at least two of their very special crystal lamps that were not props."

In her career, Leoni remains reluctant to choose one film genre over another. "I'm starting to figure out what it is about comedy and drama for me," she considers. "Truthfully, my approach is exactly the same." Her role in Ben Stiller's Flirting with Disaster, for example, was "maybe the most tragic character I've ever played. I put a lot into making that girl pristinely f----d up."

The very pregnant Mrs. David Duchovny adds that family life has given her a brave outlook on acting. "I'm untouchable now," she winks. "I've got a three-year-old who fascinates me beyond anything, and I have this guy I adore. I feel like, 'Bring it on!' — that's how I got involved in Jurassic Park."