Ever since he helped Angela Bassett get her groove back, Taye Diggs has been Hollywood's go-to African-American romantic lead. So, it was only a matter of time before the 30-year-old dreamboat (oh that voice, those teeth) started repeating himself.

Take his latest film, Brown Sugar. The flick bears a striking resemblance to his 1999 effort, The Wood. Not only are both helmed by director Rick Famuyiwa, but they also feature leading lady Sanaa Lathan and revolve around nuptials. What gives?

"I thought it was different," he says of Sugar, which opens Friday. "And I'd never seen anything like the way they paralleled hip-hop with the relationship. I thought that was very interesting and very clever.

"I never read a script and think, 'This is another romantic lead,'" adds the actor, who's currently starring on Broadway in Chicago (he'll appear in the film version later this year as well). "It's the character and where the character fits in the story and the challenges set in the script [that attract me]. Then, I take it from there."

Incidentally, romance and weddings are currently dominating Diggs's real life, too. The onetime Ally McBeal guest star is engaged to theater actress Idina Menzel. Does the future Mrs. Diggs mind that her man has such an intense (read: obsessed) female following? Grins the former soap stud: "We can afford the mortgage, so I don't think she's complaining."