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Swiss officials tipped off U.S. authorities to Roman Polanski's visit, leading to the fugitive director's arrest last month, the Associated Press reports.

According to documents obtained by the AP, the Swiss officials alerted the U.S. Office of International Affairs on Sept. 22 that Polanski was due to arrive for the Zurich Film Festival — where he was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award — and inquired if the U.S. would be submitting a request for his arrest.

Swiss court rejects Polanski's bid for release

"The Americans immediately confirmed that was the case," Swiss Justice Ministry spokesman Folco Galli said. "An arrest is a big operation. If we know a wanted individual is coming, we always ask if the arrest warrant is valid."Polanski, 76, was arrested four days later when he arrived in Switzerland. The Oscar winner is wanted by U.S. authorities for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He fled the United States in 1978 for France after pleading guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl.

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The documents do not specify why Swiss authorities notified U.S. authorities now since Polanski owns a chalet in Switzerland and is a frequent visitor. But Galli said Polanski's visit this time was widely publicized by the Zurich Film Festival, giving authorities precise details on his arrival.

Polanski finishing new film from prison

Since his arrest, Polanski has twice been denied release, most recently on Tuesday by the Swiss Federal Criminal Court, which deemed the director a big flight risk.Polanski has until Oct. 29 to appeal the ruling and can continue to submit release requests to the Swiss Justice Ministry. U.S. authorities have until Nov. 25 to file an extradition request.