Swingtown by Andrew Macpherson/CBS Swingtown by Andrew Macpherson/CBS

Bursting with sex, drugs, sex, open collars, sex, Farrah hair and sex, the sure-to-be controversial Swingtown evokes the milieu of the Me Decade with a refreshing lack of retro camp. "We really wanted to make it feel like it was a lived-in '70s," explains executive producer Alan Poul.

In keeping with that claimed verisimilitude, couples swap partners like they're recipes, no pair more enthusiastically than Grant Show and Lana Parrilla's Tom and Trina Decker. Molly Parker and Jack Davenport join in the debauchery as their curious new friends Susan and Bruce Miller, whose previous neighbors were the straitlaced Thompsons ( Josh Hopkins, Miriam Shor). "What keeps the show alive is not the titillation," Poul says. "It's about three marriages that [each] have a different set of rules. All we're trying to do is be true to the times." - G.J. Donnelly