Sutton Foster is officially joining the Gilmore Girls revival, which is excellent news for Bunheads fans still licking their wounds after ABC Family (now Freeform) cancelled their ballerina dramedy after one season in 2013. Since Bunheads was also created by Gilmore Girls head Amy Sherman-Palladino this is like a reunion within a reunion.

TVLine confirms that Foster is heading to Stars Hollow, but in a mystery role. Some may be hoping that she'll come to Stars Hollow as her Bunheads character Michelle, but that would be incredibly problematic since so many familiar Gilmore faces also had roles in Bunheads universe. There's no way to explain why Michelle's business partner is now Paris Geller (Liza Weil) and her mother-in-law is Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop)?

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Still, Foster could put her singing and dancing talents to good use in Stars Hollow - which could lead to some delicious tension for her and resident dance expert Miss Patty (Liz Torres).

Foster is the first announced person to join the revival that didn't have a part in the original series. She joins a legion of returning stars. She currently stars on TV Land's Younger, which is in the midst of Season 2 and already renewed for a Season 3.