Susan Boyle Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle sounds "fantastic" on the first track recorded for her debut album, Simon Cowell says.

"She sounds fantastic on record," Cowell tells People. "She's so good. The album is not just going to be show tunes."

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But fans of the Britain's Got Talent

sensation won't get to hear the tune any time soon. Cognizant of Boyle's hospitalization for exhaustion and the pressure put on her during her run to second place on the series, Cowell says, "We're going to take our time with this." Last month, the acerbic judge admitted the Talent team made mistakes in handling Boyle's sudden rise to stardom. Boyle recently missed a few shows on the Talent tour to rest.A record label insider told the magazine that Boyle has the option of walking away from the album any time she wants. "There's no pressure on her to do this at all," the insider says.