Susan Boyle Susan Boyle

It was inevitable: Britain's Got Talent's Susan Boyle has gotten a makeover. Gone are the frizzy gray hair and frumpy frock, and in their places are a chestnut brown dye job, a black leather jacket and a Burberry scarf. Oh, and let's not forget about the tamed eyebrows.

It's a lovely transformation for the overnight singing sensation, who went from a dowdy, 47-year-old ridiculed by Simon Cowell to a dowdy, 47-year-old adored by Cowell and millions in a matter of seconds. But has this chic makeover ruined her original appeal?

The charm of Boyle was always her "everyday" look — that such booming, rich vocals came out of this ordinary, unassuming gal was a Lifetime movie-in-the-making. Boyle said last week she was "happy" with the way she was. Now she's polished and coiffed, and ready for her next big moment (Talent's next round continues May 23). Was her new look necessary to secure the win?