One of the Morgan tribe's first official acts on Survivor: Pearl Islands was to elect Andrew Savage as its fearless captain. Little did the 40-year-old attorney know he was helming a sinking ship! But while Savage remained upbeat through most of the turmoil — the limited supplies, Osten's exit, the botched challenges — he lost his cool when ex-tribemate Lill was given a second chance in the game.

"Any twist, any curveball, [the producers] want to throw at us, I say, 'Bring it on,' because that is the game that we signed up for," Savage explains to TV Guide Online. "Having said that, the reason I was so angry is that for nine days, Lill was in 'Loser's Lodge' on vacation.

"During that nine-day period, all five Morgan tribemates practically killed ourselves to do the impossible," he continues. "And that's to go from five Morgans and eight Drakes, to five Morgans and five Drakes. We engineered, all of us, what is arguably the greatest comeback in Survivor history and Lill had nothing to do with that."

Perhaps Savage is just bitter because once the two teams merged, the remaining Drakes enlisted Lill's help to stage a mutiny against him. "Lill comes back, and in one vote, wipes out our entire effort," he sighs. "That's what I was scared of and that's what hurt me so much."

Lill claimed she aligned with the enemy because Savage didn't warn her of her impending eviction. That's rubbish, Savage groans. "Here's the truth," he insists. "Right before that tribal council, I went up to her and I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told her, 'We love you, Lill. Sorry about this decision. It's not personal, it's a strategy.' And she said, 'Savage, I understand. You do what you need to do.'

"She definitely knew she was going," he adds. "I have no idea why she keeps saying that I didn't [tell her]. Let me just say this, it's a sad state of affairs when the attorney is the one telling the truth and the Boy Scout troop master is the one telling the lies."