As a Boy Scout troop leader, Lillian "Lill" Morris knows a thing or two about wilderness survival. And she has the merit badges to prove it! But Survivor: Pearl Islands is no simple walk in the woods. This good-natured 51-year-old scout just wasn't "prepared" for the lying and backstabbing among the show's castaways. But how can that be? Hasn't she ever watched Survivor?

"Well, I have to confess that my scout meetings are on Thursdays," Morris laughs to TV Guide Online. "So I didn't delve into [the show]. In fact, I used Ryan Shoulders a lot just to pick his brain. He would tell me what was going on and what I should be doing. He gave me some very good advice. He said, 'Do not give up, Lill. Don't give up until your torch is snuffed out.'"

Too bad both she and Shoulders were voted off fairly early in the game. Morris blames the remaining Morgan tribemates for undervaluing her experience. "I don't think they were really interested in anything that I said," she says sadly. "I was just a person that they had to get rid of."

While Lill's a li'l bitter about her ouster, she is pragmatic about the Morgan team's decision to keep lazy-but-sexy 22-year-old Darrah, instead of her. "I wasn't shocked," she admits. "I know how young men's minds work. She's a pretty face and is the Mississippi belle, and I'm the Cincinnati workhorse. I don't think that Ryan O. was thinking about fire or food in his belly.

"Part of me hopes that they do okay," she adds. "And part of me hopes that maybe they have a little struggle or maybe a little regret that Lill was kicked off. Just a little. I want to think that I was appreciated."