It was only a matter of time: Stacey Stillman — a contestant from the first Survivor — has filed suit against producer Mark Burnett, claiming he rigged her exit in the show's third episode. In the 14-page lawsuit, Stillman says that Burnett persuaded fellow castaways Sean Kenniff and Dirk Been to vote her off instead of Rudy Boesch. (She charges that Burnett feared criticism if the first three players booted off were also the oldest.) "Clearly, if there was anything to this stuff, it would've come out well before this," Burnett told USA Today. "I'm absolutely certain that once the entire claim is looked into, it will be proved completely groundless." Kenniff also shot down Stillman's charge, saying, "That never happened. He did say, 'Vote your conscience,' but I didn't feel that was coercion.'"