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Survivor Season 40 Recap Podcast: OMG, Tony Is Going to Win Survivor Again, Isn't He?

The "Survivor: Cagayan" champ continues his social and Immunity Challenge dominance in "Winners at War"

Fox Van Allen

Even if Tony Vlachos' spy nest wound up being over-hyped, there was plenty to love about this week's episode of Survivor: Winners at War. Tony was at his frantic best, mending fences and building his dream alliance of lions (plus evil hyena vampire, Nick Wilson). Kim Spradlin, meanwhile, made the inexplicable decision to give up $2 million for a plate of peanut butter.

On the latest podcast episode of Survivor Brothers, your Survivor brothers from a different mother take on those topics, plus the best, whisper-filled Tribal Council of the season -- one that Denise Stapley definitely had had enough of.

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Join your Survivor-loving superfans Fox Van Allen and Lance Cartelli as they laugh about Tony's dominance in all aspects of this week's Survivor: Winners at War episode, "Friendly Fire."


Did Tony blow it by revealing his Immunity Idol to Ben Driebergen, and talking about it at Tribal Council? Or was his openness a return to Tony's Survivor: Cagayan game, where hidden Immunity Idols are flaunted to make him look invincible? We have to admit: Nick is giving us Woo Hwang (Survivor: Cagayan) vibes, with Sarah Lacina playing the part of Trish Hegarty, the one always left dealing with the grimy moves her supposed partner keeps making.


The Survivor Brothers hosts also discuss the wild inflation affecting the price of peanut butter on this season of Survivor. A couple episodes ago, Tyson Apostol gave up one Fire Token for a huge jar of PB. In this latest episode, no less than three people -- all of whom are in terrible spots in the game -- gave up immunity for a plate of peanut butter.

In the immortal words of Parvati Shallow: "Kim, why?"

We do have to admit that the peanut butter looked damn tasty, though.


Stay tuned until the very end of the podcast so you can hear Lance gives his surprisingly divisive picks for the winners and losers of the week. It's all on the latest Survivor Brothers podcast:

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