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Survivor Season 40 Recap Podcast: How Sophie Sabotaged Kim's Idol Play Before It Even Happened

We unravel an especially tricky, but awesome episode of "Winners at War"

Fox Van Allen

Some fans may not like the number of advantages in the game of Survivor these days, but you have to admit: This week's advantage shootout was awesome, nail-biting television. Kim Spradlin's last-minute Hidden Immunity Idol play ... for Denise Stapley? Wow.

In the latest Survivor Brothers, your Survivor-obsessed hosts Fox Van Allen and Lance Cartelli discuss the wild plays in the new Survivor: Winners at War episode, "The Full Circle," and break down how Kim's dramatic play was doomed because of a secret traitor in her alliance.

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This podcast episode covers it all. Jeremy Collins' decision to play his Safety Without Power advantage? Yeah, the boys discuss that controversial move, and how it might have won Jeremy the battle, but lost him the war (and possibly the respect of the jury). Sarah Lacina's use of her Steal a Vote advantage on Denise? Your hosts explain why it was a smart move, and why it greatly benefits Sophie Clark's game in particular.

Robert Voets, CBS/Robert Voets

Then, the bros get totally vulnerable, and cry their eyeballs out over all the emotional family visits. Admit it, you cried, too. Over and over again. It's OK.

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