Survivor: Panama Exile Island
OK CBS, what is going on with the opening credits? One week we see all 16 contestants, the next week all we get is some rushed nature footage and no intros. I guess with a tribe like Casaya trying out every kind of crazy known to man, there's just less time for credits. Bobby fell victim to the old

Survivor trap of too much booze. Don't feel too bad Bob-dawg, even mighty Tom Westman got trashed in Palau. Overall, it really was a stupid move to down the last of the group reward between just two people. Casaya might have run out of wine, but that crew will never, ever have a shortage of whine. I have to say, Tribe Crazy is making this season one of the best. Over at La Mina we have Tom version 2.0 acting like Superman, Sally looking cute and capable, and some young dudes spewing vomit (nothing we haven't seen a thousand times on Survivor). Meanwhile the antics at Casaya continued to reach a whole new level of insanity. Bobby has a great future as a sushi chef did you see him during the reward challenge? Bruce and his Zen garden? Classic. It might have been a place of tranquillity and solitude, but not with tribe mates like Shane and Courtney hanging around. Cirie is the only one playing it smart, avoiding the drama and letting everyone else have it out. And boy, they did just that at Tribal Council. You could tell Jeff Probst was gleeful just watching this tribe eat each other up. And no predictable boot, either the votes were all over the place. What was up with Shane voting for Aras when he seems to hate Courtney the most? I can't figure him out; all I know is somebody better hide the machete from him before the next full moon.