Survivor: Panama Exile Island Well, the idea of four separate tribes certainly didn't last long. I know it was just dumb luck that they happened to get the new team buffs, but it seems like Terry

and Danielle

will make it very far this season. Can't believe that Bruce was left stranded at the "schoolyard pick." Obviously, he hasn't demonstrated his ability to kick through a tree trunk for these people, otherwise he'd have been snapped right up. I laughed when Courtney chose Aras their cosmic connection was clear last week. Flyboy Terry has marked Sally for death after her "Spear? Oops, what spear?" mishap. Nice knowing you, Sally! Poor Misty was literally covered with bites, so Jeff Probst was definitely not lying about the pesky fire ants on Exile Island. Speaking of pesky, Shane was working my last nerve, even making me crave some nicotine, and I don't even smoke! In the fine tradition of Amazon's Shawna, Pearl Island's Osten and Janu from Palau, Shane was griping about the game being too much for him. But he complained on the sixth day. The sixth day! If you want to warn your kids against smoking, just show them a video of Shane freaking out. And then the Casaya tribe had to deal with honest Aras. Blurting out his strategy that early on was a huge blunder, and both Courtney and Danielle looked ready to twist the boy with the wife-beater farmer's tan into some permanently damaging yoga positions. Shane even went a step further, revealing the alliance and possibly creating enemies of every other member of the tribe. Did Bobby even speak? I noticed he joined the "hey, dude" crowd in tossing Melinda. Cirie's tears probably guilted the others into keeping her. Although Shane probably should have gotten his wish, I don't think Melinda added much to the tribe anyway.... She really put the "meh" in Melinda. Even the dog was yawning during her "Febreeze Family Moment."   Ken McGilvray  

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