Survivor: Panama Exile IslandFirst of all, I'm not shocked that

Terry, of all people, managed to find the immunity idol. The question now is will he have to use it, and if so, when? That man is following the

Tom Westman playbook perfectly so far, with both Austin and Dan playing the part of Ian, the loyal-till-the-end pal. It must've hurt La Mina to lose both challenges while tribe "Casargue" won, even though the immunity challenge was thisclose. Ah, Casaya, I have to say I'm enjoying their bickering, and it seems to me that Aras is riding the old "align with the most annoying person in the tribe" strategy, just like Thailand's Brian did with Clay and the aforementioned Tom did with Katie. Even though Danielle loved getting the towels and three "bahs" of soap at "Casa de Charmin," she did not like her male tribe mates very much. I had to laugh at Bobby's talk of a "deuce" we barely hear a word out of him, and that was the first conversation we are privy to? Somehow Casaya managed to come together when it counted  at the challenges  and I was very surprised to see Shane and Courtney work so well together. But Cirie was right: The "psychotic joke" alliance unraveled quickly. Almost as quickly as La Mina wasted away. Wow, they were looking rough. The he-man, women-hatin' alliance probably made the right call in booting Ruth Marie because Sally did an amazing job in the challenge, but Nick sure looked guilty as hell. If he wants to make it far, he has to work on his poker face (yet another thing Terry has perfected). Next time, lack of food makes La Mina sick, Courtney's saluting of the sun in his Zen garden makes Bruce sick, and camp Casaya is utterly destroyed by a freak of nature. Or maybe just a freak... perhaps Bob-Dawg "christened" Shane's "thinking seat." Ken McGilvray

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