Survivor: Guatemala The Maya Empire Finally the show managed to break out of its predictable rut of the former Yaxhas eliminating their competition one by one. Instead they voted out one of their own Jamie. Even he seemed excited by the twist of fate  "blindsided... nice! Now that's how you vote somebody out." True words, Jamie, true words. And a good reaction considering how he had seemed so paranoid that someone was going to take him out. Loved the mud task  and that the reward surprisingly included some videotapes from home, because one of the most charming moments of the night came from Gary's kid: "Hope you haven't got hit in the head with a coconut yet, but if you have... 'Hi, my name is Jaime and I'm your daughter.'" Funny kid. I like that. Now I might have missed it, but did Gary, Steph, Danni and Judd tell their tribe mates that they got videos from home, or did they keep that a secret? Either way, I think they made a big mistake giving Cindy so much coffee.... She nearly won the immunity task and I think the little bit of extra caffeine will boost her standings as a force to be reckoned with in coming weeks.   Angel Cohn

The O.C.
Ryan wants to be a lover, not a fighter. Julie Cooper-Nichol finally takes care of Seven of Nine. And Seth and Summer are shown doing more than just supporting their best friends. I want to know what you guys think of Terrible Taylor. I'm so having this semi-like, semi-hate relationship with her. I know we're supposed to feel bad for her because her mother's so nasty, but she's nasty, too. I can chalk some of it up to poor-self-esteem issues but at the end of the day, how can one girl be so incredibly annoying? Do you guys know anyone like TT? Actually, I do. Sad, but true.

It looks like PsychoCharlotte underestimated Julie Cooper-Nichol. I'm glad the doormat version is gone and the real slim shady is back. Hopefully Orange County is now down a wannabe JC-N. But if Jeri Ryan's presence on the show resulted in the return of the society gal we just love, love, love to hate, then great. And I'm beyond happy that Sandy and Kirsten are Sandy and Kirsten again, complete with pep talks and great chemistry.

What to say about Ryan and Marissa? Sigh. Well, the two didn't break up in this episode. That's something. Ryan didn't give in to the dark side when it came to that bully, the Angry Surfer. Of course, Marissa sorta got herself kidnapped. Am I the only one that kept thinking of Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man when Ryan vented his frustration on that punching bag? I am? But at least Ryan showed more emotion in that one scene than in the last two and a half years combined.  BC

First things first. Why all the hype about John Stamos? He was hardly featured this week or last and that's it it was a two-week appearance. All those "Very Special Episode"-type promos that said "John Stamos joins ER. " for what? Like Bette Midler brilliantly sings in her new Peggy Lee tribute CD: "Is That All There Is?" OK, I said it. Besides that let down (cue Debbie Downer noise), I quite enjoyed tonight's overly hyped "crash episode." This week certainly was a busy one for plane crashes, what with Wednesday night's Lost tailies flashback episode and now this. I knew from the promos that one of tonight's victims would be tennis star Serena Williams (she was pretty darned good), but who knew Uncle Leo from Seinfeld would be another crash victim? To be fair, that was Len Lesser too bad his cocker spaniel showed up too late. I bawled my eyes out when the Matthew McConaughey look-alike gestured to Pratt and Ray to stop trying to pump his heart. "Do you want us to stop? Are you ready?" Then the guy nods yes in front of his girlfriend and family. I totally lost it (loud sobbing once again, so glad I was home alone). Meanwhile, how wonderful that Sam called Haleh to come in and help them we knew she'd be back. I couldn't wait for Evil, I mean, Eve to see Haleh when she came in. Neela seeing Gallant at the end was awesome. The previews showed that they get married in two weeks, so good for Neela. And what about Luka and Abby friends with benefits, or just friends? I loved her look when she woke up next to him. I bet they continue this courtship since we haven't seen Luka smile like that in a while. But wait until Sam finds out. Dave Anderson

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