Survivor: Guatemala The Maya Empire

Judd, Judd, Judd... I wish you could see me sitting on my couch and shaking my head. You sat at tribal council giving this whole big speech about how you've got to love the ones you're with and how it is a game and that everyone wants to see someone other than themselves go home. Why was that OK when you thought it was

Lydia getting the boot but not OK if it was you? You went from getting my normal laugh-of-the-week notice to getting the poor-sportsmanship award with that lovely exit quote, "Thanks, I hope you guys all get bit by a freakin' crocodile. Scumbags." Charming. You'd have been better off with a gentlemanly exit like Jamie's, who was also blindsided by the same crew. Oh, and can I just say for the record how hard it was to watch Gary sitting on the sidelines. His turkey-day departure was not unexpected but still a little bit sad (though if you want to read my interview with him, he was in really good spirits). But I think the former NFLer did a good thing by exposing Judd's lies, and all I've got to say is, turnabout is fair play. Oh, and Judd really irritated me when during his little after-eviction speech in which he angrily said: "The one thing I didn't do was lie to anybody. I really believe you are all a bunch of scumbags." What??? He didn't lie? Were we watching the same show? Well, at least he'll make the reunion interesting. My personal faves for the final two? The underdog duo of Rafe and Danni. They both look emaciated, but here's to hoping that they win a million bucks and that they can keep winning those immunity challenges because it looks like they are going to need it.