Apparently you can get bad karma from mistreating pigs. Michael Skupin — the 38-year-old software publisher from West Lake, Mich., who savagely butchered a wild boar — was dismissed from Survivor: The Australian Outback on last night's episode after a freak accident left his hands badly burned. Appearing fully recovered on CBS's The Early Show this morning, Skupin admitted that he wasn't immediately aware that he had been disqualified from the contest. "Here it was 48 hours after the [incident] and I still thought I was going back," said the former castaway, who underwent treatment at Australia's top burn center. "And when it finally hit me, it was a mourning period. I still wanted to play. I still had play left in me." As a result of the mishap, the immunity challenge was cancelled, with the remaining 10 players — five from Kucha and five from Ogakor — merging in next week's installment. Meanwhile, the absence of an original Friends episode led Survivor to its best overnight ratings on a Thursday to date.