Sherea Lloyd, <EM>Survivor: China</EM> Sherea Lloyd, Survivor: China
Sherea Lloyd, 26, became the second victim of the game's twist on last week's Survivor: China (8 pm/ET, CBS), voted off by her new Fei Long tribe mates after Zhan Hu abandoned their strategy of throwing immunity challenges to maintain post-merge numbers. The fourth-grade teacher talked to about playing both sides, Courtney

's eating habits and why Jean-Robert should be the next to go. You seemed pretty angry about being voted out. Do you think Fei Long made a mistake by sending you home instead of Jean-Robert?
Sherea: I definitely think they made a mistake. He was more of a threat than I was. They just weren't really sure if I would flip on them or not, so I guess that's why I had to go. Hopefully he'll be the next to go. During the tribal council, it became clear you really didn't like "JR."
Sherea: It was just his personality — he would talk to the people he liked and he would be mean to the people he didn't like. He was very condescending and rude, and he rubbed me the wrong way. He was very mean to Courtney. He talked bad about her, to her face, behind her back, everything. He would talk to Amanda and Todd, act like he admired them so much, and then he basically didn't acknowledge Courtney. He knew not to mess with me. Of course he's got a poker face, so you just never know if he's really telling the truth or not. He would talk about his personal life, having a lot of women, and also who's going to be a star after the show.... It was basically, like, whatever. He thought Todd and Amanda were going to be the biggest stars ever. We saw you clearly bond with Courtney at Fei Long. Did you make other friends on the tribe?
Sherea: I was also good friends with Todd. Most of all Todd and Courtney. What do you think of the talk that Courtney may be anorexic?
Sherea: Courtney's just naturally very slim and skinny. I saw her eating just as much as everyone else when we had our meals. I didn't see any signs of that when I was with her. When Peih-Gee tried to assure you during the reward challenge that they were sticking to the original Zhan Hu tribe, it seemed like you didn't react to her.
Sherea: I knew that from the doorway, the Fei Long people could see me, and I didn't want them to see me interacting with her and thinking that I may go back with them. I tried to not give her as much eye contact as I probably should have to make her feel comfortable. So do you think that was a mistake in strategy?
Sherea: I do, actually, because they probably would have thrown the next immunity challenge if they'd gotten a clear sign from Frosti or me that we were still with them. I also should have convinced Todd that I would not flip sides on him. I was playing both sides: I wanted the Zhan Hu members to know I was going to stick with them and I wanted Todd to know I was going to stick with him. Did Peih-Gee tell you they'd thrown the previous immunity challenge?
Sherea: We talked about it right before the switch happened, right before I left to go to Fei Long, about them maybe throwing the next two challenges. And then right at the immunity challenge, they let me know that they were going to throw it. But you weren't unhappy when the twist happened and you joined Fei Long.
Sherea: I really wanted to get to know the other tribe, and it was kind of a chance for me to start over in the game. Frosti and I were the outsiders going over to the new tribe, so we knew we were probably the first two off. It was very different — they had fruit trees and things that we didn't have at our camp. How much did your earlier conflict with Dave back at Zhan Hu affect your game?
Sherea: A little bit — the people on Zhan Hu wanted no negativity going on. They wanted it all to be positive. It kind of put a light on me, but they realized that Dave had gotten into it with a couple of people, so he really set himself up more than I did. I wanted him gone from the first day. Your Zhan Hu tribe mates accused you of not working around the camp. Did you pick it up with Fei Long?
Sherea: They kind of already had their work order and how the camp would run. They would ask me to do things or I would volunteer, but it wasn't the same as at Zhan Hu, where they were working all day every day. Peih-Gee wanted to have a table and chairs. It was very unrealistic. She wanted an eating area, but we didn't have anything to eat, so that didn't work out very well! [Laughs] What was your favorite moment from being on Survivor?
Sherea: It has to be the challenges — they were very physical and a lot of fun. That was the best thing about being out there — that was my time to shine, I guess. The mud wrestling was probably the best. Amanda tried to take my clothes off, but I got her before she got me. She's the one who ended up losing her top! Were you responsible for that?
Sherea: She tried to take mine off and I wasn't having that. [Laughs] I guess I would have to say yes.

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