Triathalon trainer Alex Bell may have had the physical endurance to go the distance on Survivor: The Amazon, but when it came to knowing whom to trust (read: Rob), the dude was a dunce!

"Rob's a snake," Bell exclaims to TV Guide Online. "I knew he screwed me over, but I didn't know he screwed everybody all the way along. I didn't know he was a liar from Day One. Had I known, I wouldn't have trusted him. He took me for a ride. He took us all for a ride.

"But I have no hard feelings at all," he adds. "It was a game and he played really well."

While Bell has made peace with Rob's betrayal, the Jeff Probst look-alike still has some unresolved feelings about alliance members Heidi and Jenna. Specifically, he thinks the spoiled sorority girls are getting a "bit of a bad rap" from viewers. "It's really too bad. It's made for good TV, but I think at the same time, they are so much better than they are being portrayed.

"Jenna is a swimsuit model, but she is a swimsuit model without an agent," he elaborates. "Every job that she's done, she's gotten all on her own — and that takes some doing. Plus, she goes to school and takes care of her sick mom. Heidi has multiple degrees from college, and she's a P.E. teacher.

"These girls are awesome," he concludes. "They are both very smart, cool, strong and independent women." But more to the point, they're hotties.