We survived the pilot episode, and now I have to admit, I've been totally suckered in. LadyPrez attends her predecessor's funeral. LadyPrez stares resolutely ahead. LadyPrez is stoic. All despite the best efforts of that no-good, down-and-dirty speaker of the House. Donald Sutherland is truly reaching new heights of skin-crawly creepiness with this role. I know it's just a prime-time drama, but seriously it's phrases like "You tell the girl" coming from white-haired men in black suits that just make me want to spit every time I think about the government.... Oh, great, I just put myself on some sort of government watch-list, didn't I?

Sadly, I lost count of the times we heard the all-important titular phrase "commander in chief" during President Allen's first day and a half in office. Wouldn't it be awesome if every show used its own title this often? "Jack, help! Kate's somewhere in the hatch's ventilation ducts she's Lost!" or, "Dr. Troy, I think what this patient needs is a little Nip/Tuck." I'm sensing a trend here, people.

Fun C-story: The first daughter's diary, apparently titled "Why Mom Sucks," is missing. At least when Rory and Lorelai Gilmore aren't getting along, it's not a threat to national security. (Although it is a threat to my tear ducts.) Granted, Codename Velour's super-sparkly hearts-and-rainbows memoir shows up in the hands of her snooptastic little sis, and the first tabloid crisis of the administration is averted. It's a shame, too, 'cause something tells me there's some good dirt on big brother Horace in there stay tuned.

Oh, and the guest stars! Hey, Bosco! Hey, Species! Hey, Hallie Lowenthal! It's like my fantasy version of national politics populated entirely by familiar faces from the Hollywood circuit. Shut up; Ah-nuld doesn't count.